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Favorite Links:

Check out the following sites--my favorite links
Click on the banner to go to the sites.

Click here: Home and Garden: Plant Encyclopedia All the help you need for your garden.
Click here: SierraHome Gardening - Ortho Problem Solver One of the best sites for garden pest advice.
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mercata.comThis site is a great place to name your own price on merchandise!

Burpee's.comAll the flower and vegetable seeds you'll ever want are at Burpee's.
Buy.comFind just about anything you want at Buy.com.
askme.comAsk an expert about anything.
NextCard Internet VisaAdd your link here If you want a low-interest credit card--this is the one!
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Click here: 564 Ways to Grow a Better Garden This is the help you need. Go for it.
Click here: UC Statewide Integrated Pest Management Project For help on controlling garden pests, this is the site you need.
Click here: The Bug Clinic BEGONE BUGS!